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New Ransomware on the Horizon: Tycoon

Windows and Linux users are once again the targets of a new string of ransomware: Tycoon. First discovered in 2019, the new strain of ransomware was created to attack educational institutes and software industries. Once inside, Tycoon proceeds to encrypt file servers, demanding a ransom for decryption. What makes this ransomware different from its predecessors


New Ransomware on the Rise!

New ransomware, Nemty, has been discovered according to the report from BleepingComputer. Nemty, as security researchers are calling it, has the possibility to spread using compromised Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections. Nemty, like all other ransomware, holds the victim’s files hostage, deleting all shadow versions of the files while disabling the victim from any attempted


Ransomware Aligns Its Sights with Schools

Following the cyber-attacks that occurred in Baltimore and Florida, last week, Monroe College in New York, had multiple campuses hit, and taken offline, by ransomware, crippling the college’s network. This has not just affected the school’s administrative departments; however; it has also hurt students and teachers. The ransomware is asking for an obscene $2 million