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Ransomware is one of the most dangerous computer viruses in the computer world today. It would not be surprising if many of you, regardless of your background knowledge of computers, have heard of ransomware to some extent. Perhaps it has been through the numerous cities that have been hit, or maybe it was because of the few schools that have begun to be targeted by this disastrous virus. With ransomware on the rise, more and more businesses are being targeted. In order to keep your business’s sensitive information safe, taking preventative measures immediately is the best course of action to ensure your computer systems are not held for ransom.

Setting up your Defenses

Running Backups

  • One of the most important steps, one often disregarded by many businesses, is ensuring that all computer systems are backed up daily. In the event that your network becomes infected with ransomware, having backups of critical information systems and configurations can save millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Educate and Reinforce Basic Cybersecurity Awareness

  • Ransomware needs a human element in order to infect a computer system or network. Therefore, proper and regular training of staff on how to spot phishing emails and suspicious files is essential to a business’s overall cybersecurity.
  • Ensure that staff understands “think before click” and the dangers of downloading attachments from unknown senders.
  • Make sure staff are browsing safely as well and know how to spot fake websites. Fake websites can look strikingly similar to the real ones but often have variations in their URL, which give away their true identities.
  • Make sure employees are suspicious of anyone on the phone or email asking for sensitive information. Always ensure you are communicating with a trusted individual before divulging sensitive information.

Have a Plan in Place in the Event of an Attack

  • Make sure a clear plan is established in the event an attack does occur. Ensure response plans outline how to request outside assistance from cyber first responders (state agencies, CISA, and MS-ISAC).

Update and Patch Systems

  • Regularly updating and patching computer systems not only keeps the systems running smoothly, but it also protects against viruses such as ransomware.

Additional Resources

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A Trusted Defense

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