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AI is Becoming Cyber Security’s Best Defensive Player

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a cybersecurity team’s best defense against hackers, reports suggest. Moreover, as we continue to progress with technology, the dependency on AI to help protect our personal and business technology is increasing. More and more businesses and cybersecurity companies are turning to artificial intelligence as a means of bolstering their defenses


Securing the Power Grid

As technology continues to progress, security on a global scale becomes a larger concern for all. For any country, one of the largest concerns is a cyber attack that could cripple the power of multiple cities. The United States, however, has begun to take steps to counteract this potentially catastrophic situation. After multiple, unsuccessful attacks


A New Security Exploit Has Been Discovered on MacOS

A new adware exploit has been discovered recently. Named “Cavallarin” after its founder, the exploit allows for the unwarranted download of various ads onto the users Mac device, all while being trusted by Apple’s macOS Gatekeeper. How the Cavallarin Exploit Works The exploit takes advantage of Mac’s Gatekeeper protection service, allowing for malicious apps to