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Stolen Financial Data Used as Bait in New Phishing Scheme

Hackers are baiting their victims with stolen financial data in a clever phishing scheme. Over 400,000 data points, including identity numbers, names, phone numbers, and payment records, are used to persuade consumers to click on a malicious link. This link downloads a potent virus called BitRAT that can steal passwords, spy on users, and install […]

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Wawa Suffers Data Breach

On December 10th, 2019, Wawa’s information security team discovered malware on its payment processing server. By December 12, the data breach was contained, but they fear the damage has already been done. In the statement released by Wawa, the “malware has affected customer payment card information, potentially used at all Wawa locations, starting from March […]

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Pitney Bowes Suffers Ransomware Attack

Pitney Bowes, the e-commerce and tech-shipping company, has suffered a ransomware attack. On October 14th, the company disclosed that they were victims of a malware attack that resulted in the encryption of information systems and disabled customer access to some services. As of now, Pitney Bowes has confirmed that it is working with third-party security […]