IT Security to Protect Your IT & Data Against Unexpected Yet Dangerous Threats!

As we’re working in a modern business environment, we’re creating and storing a TON of data – and not only that, but we’re relying on our technology more and more each day. What happens when a cyber attack strikes your business? Chances are, your IT stops performing optimally, or worse, goes down, your data gets disclosed, and ultimately, your employees can’t work.

Hammett Technologies believes your technology should always improve the way you do business. That’s why we offer SimpuCare – IT leadership to help you see the bright side of your IT. Interested in learning more? 

When it comes to the security of your IT systems and data, you need to make sure it’s top of the line – and we’re here to help:

6-Step Cyber and IT Security Process

  • Combine all aspects of our SimpuSecure offering for complete IT protection.
  • Provide protection for employees, computers, email, networks, and data.
  • Continuously improve security to adapt to new threats and keep you safe.

Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  • Analyze all existing technologies for security holes, missing patches, and more.
  • Review policies, procedures, and operations for weak points and vulnerabilities.
  • Test your system defenses; similar to the way a hacker would, for security holes.
Backup and Business Continuity
  • Back up your IT: files, applications, user settings – everything you depend on.
  • Store backups in your office and in the cloud in case of an onsite disaster.
  • Test and monitor backups continuously for failure, issues, or unauthorized access.
Email and Spam Protection
  • Monitor your email to discover unauthorized access or potential security threats.
  • Implement spam filtering to block out annoying, harmful spam and malware.
  • Provide email encryption, if needed, to protect sensitive emails sent and received..
Network and Wireless Security
  • Provide anti-virus software, firewalls, two-factor authentication, and more.
  • Keep your network monitored around-the-clock to stop any dangerous threats.
  • Make sure your third-party applications regularly updated and patched.