Providing Reliable IT Support for Your Restaurant Business

Hammett Technologies provides is partners in the manufacturing business with up-to-date methods of communicating with customers and delivering products on time without issue. Our team is dedicated to creating a secure channel for you and your customers to communicate on. will secure your network, including all machines, new or old, connected to it. We are devoted to keeping you, and each of your customer’s information safe from unwelcomed guests. After addressing the state of your network,  we will address each machine and make recommendations based on what we will believe to be the best option to ensure that your company can continue to advance in the growing technological world. By supplying you and your employees with the tools and training, your company can stay connected, no matter where the job takes you. When you partner with Hammett Technologies, you don’t become a client, you become family.


Restaurant & Retail Software We Manage Today!


MICROS offers a range of software and hardware for hotels, resturants, and retailers. MICROS was purchased by Oracle in 2014, which Oracle now uses in their Hospitality package!


Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality is used by restaurants & retailers across the globe to deliver excellent customer service. It provides a wide range of software and hardware to ensure quality customer service


Office 365

Designed to help your business grow, with the help of Office 365’s cloud-based applications, you can propel your business into the 21st century!



Designed with efficiency in mind, Quickbooks is a business accounting software that allows your business more control of its money!


Providing Your HIPAA Compliant Practice With Daily IT Support!


Hammett Technologies will provide a fully managed, compliant, security stack, monitored and maintained by our team of experts, proactively stopping threats before they enter your network. Our industry-leading suite of tools helps your business stay safe from cyber threats.


Our fully managed backup and disaster recovery suite will provide local and offsite storage of critical system data to ensure safe recovery in the event of a disaster. Our team of experts check backups regularly to ensure your data is protected, safe, and recoverable.


Hammett Technologies will help create a strategy that will ensure efficient navigation through emerging technology. This strategy will cover both future and current IT needs, as well as ensure the IT budget is made the most of, all at your discretion.


 Our team-based IT support model provides a core group of individuals, who learn your business, understand your issues, and work towards helping your daily operation. Your team will get to know our team personally as we work together to enhance your business.