Discover Vulnerabilities and Weak Points Threatening the Livelihood of Your Business!

Far too many business owners believe security means installing an anti-virus program and calling it a day, but the truth is, that’s far from enough to keep your information technology safe. You never know how close you are to a data breach until it happens, then you’re left spending a lot of time and money trying to recover – and unfortunately, your reputation takes a huge hit.

Hammett Technologies believes your technology should always improve the way you do business. That’s why we offer SimpuCare – IT leadership to help you see the bright side of your IT. Interested in learning more? 

Do you want to ensure there are no vulnerabilities and weak points in your IT defenses? We help to keep your network, IT systems, and data safe against cybercrime with vulnerability and risk assessments designed to:

    • Analyze internal security settings and solutions – Finding issues such as aging equipment, missing third-party patches, and various other weaknesses.
    • Perform external security testing – Attempting to break through your defenses in the same manner as a cybercriminal to find vulnerabilities.
    • Review existing security policies and procedures, including passwords, Internet policies, and more.
    • Determine the steps necessary to improve security, such as enhancing computing protocols, updating settings, and more.

Your IT security is vital – and it’s worth investing to ensure you’re staying as safe as possible; discovering and eliminating all vulnerabilities and weak points that threaten the livelihood of your business.