Proactive Managed Services – Keep Your Technology Working to Support Your Business Goals without Breaking the Bank

Your information technology is the core foundation of your business – helping you stay productive and communicate with colleagues, customers, and partners. Think of everything you do that requires information technology; then think of the cost associated with downtime:

    • Productivity comes to a halt.
    • Payroll dollars are wasted.
    • Customers are disappointed, or worse, take their business elsewhere.
    • And your financial losses increase as you miss business opportunities.

Hammett Technologies believes your technology should always improve the way you do business. That’s why we offer SimpuCare – IT leadership to help you see the bright side of your IT. Interested in learning more? 

Our team of experts stays by your side, ready to serve you whenever needed – ensuring your technology is ALWAYS at it’s best. Ultimately, we provide everything you’ll ever need from IT:

    • Full managed services plans for flat rate monthly fees that are easy to predict and budget for; all of your needs will be taken care of:
    • Remote support via phone, email, or online
    • Onsite support for emergencies
    • Data backup and business continuity solutions
    • And much more!
    • Preventative maintenance and around-the-clock monitoring to stop the majority of IT issues before they cause downtime.
    • Vendor management to select and procure the right products – at the right price, staying within your budget.
    • Strategic IT planning to help you make the most of your technology investment while ensuring your IT aligns with your business needs.