Your Technology Guide; Helping You Make Better Investments & Strategies That Work for Your Business!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone guide you into smarter, better technology strategies and investments? A CIO (chief information officer) plays a critical role in guiding companies towards accomplishing business objectives and goals through the effective use of technology; however, it’s not always easy to afford a CIO.

Hammett Technologies believes your technology should always improve the way you do business. That’s why we offer SimpuCare – IT leadership to help you see the bright side of your IT. Interested in learning more?

Your information technology is the foundation of your business – helping you communicate with colleagues, customers, and partners while keeping your staff members productive and able to get work done in an efficient manner. Our outsourced CIO services mean leveraging IT in a way that works for you:

    • Analyze how you’re using technology – and what business goals you’re looking to achieve.
    • Create a strategic IT plan to help you make the most of your technology investment while ensuring your technology aligns with your business goals.
    • Provide guidance on making better investments to stay within budget while still getting the benefits you need.
    • Plan for technology purchases, upgrades, and refreshes that are necessary to prevent performance issues/downtime.
    • Review your IT strategy on a regular basis to discuss any needed changes and constantly improve the way you use technology.