Hazelwood Body & Fender is a collision repair facility.  For over 40 years we have undergone many changes and needs pertaining to computer technology. Like yours, it is our lifeline.  The old days of rebooting are long gone.  We knew we needed to upgrade and a more sophisticated approach.  We pursued Hammett Technology.  Charles came to our facility, at our convenience, to discuss our options. Providing a professional preview of his company we discussed our options of how we could phase in different projects to fits our needs.  However, that all changed when we were hit with a Ransomware attack.  Charles just happened to be starting that day to discuss business decisions, never knowing the stirred bee’s nest that was about to develop.  Charles’ “ease-in” approach was over.  Charles and his crew jumped into action as the work endlessly to get us operational.  Within two days he had us connected, but it took many backdoor hours of dedication that even Hazelwood did not see.    

If you are looking for someone who is not only knowledgeable, but personable and dedicated, Hammett is your company for all your IT needs.   

Hazelwood Body & Fender

“With Charles, we’ve reduced our downtime dramatically because he’s been proactive in fixing gproducts or alerting us when we’re due for upgrades or software is being discontinued. He’s been very proactive!”

Tim Conroy

“I neede someone knowledgeable and reliable who I could call when necessary. Hammett technologies has met that need”

John Bennett

“After relying upon many “experts” for IT service and experiencing less than satisfactoy results, we have finally found the exert partner we have needed in the person of Charles Hammett and  his company.”

Dennis McCartney

B&B Welding Company

“You answered our call for service very quickly, and you did everything with speed and excellence. You set us up with the new computers and had us up and running again in no time. I would recommend Hammett Tech! You did a great job!”

Helen Farrell

Secretary of Our Lady of Hope Church, Dundalk Maryland

“You could not ask for more knowledgeable, efficient, professional, and understanding company. Hammett Tech will work with you to set up your system, solve any issues, and give you the best security system available.”

Berne Seibert

“Challenged by the everyday changes in the IT world I needed help trying to keep up , and the knowledge and experience of Hammett Technologies was the perfect answer..

Charles’ recommendation of the hardware and software was exactly what I needed to keep my business running smoothly. Hammett technologies provides expert knowledge for all needed IT services.”

Tom Sears

Owner, First Impressions, Mfg

“Our group is a professional investigative group in the insurance industry. Technology is important to us due to the sensitivity of information that is communicated to us and our clients.

All services are very improtant; however, the security services that we receive are the most important. Charles offers a whole management service with exceptional support services 24/7. There is no comparison.

I would recommend Hammett Technologies. I would say that the management care system, security measures that are taken and support staff are exceptional.”

Karen Smith

Heritage Investigative group, Inc.