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The Importance of Cyber Security and The Increase Risks of Data Breaches

Each day technology becomes a larger part of everyday life. However, this means that technology is exceedingly prone to attacks, which are becoming more advanced each passing day. For the business of any size, this can spell disaster. According to Accenture, when a business suffers a cybersecurity attack, an estimated $2.4 million is spent on


Malware and How It Affects Healthcare Providers

At Hammett Technologies, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you have proper security in place to protect your company and personal information from potential attacks. Most malware today is designed to steal sensitive information from a victim’s computer, making healthcare providers high-priority targets. Cyber security expects in Israel recently hacked into a


Your Mail Is on Hold

Another example of how someone will attempt to trick you into giving out your personal information! Please, make sure you are always paying attention when going through your email. If an email appears sketchy, it most likely is! Most of the time, the biggest give away is the senders email address! The email address “”