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Pitney Bowes, the e-commerce and tech-shipping company, has suffered a ransomware attack. On October 14th, the company disclosed that they were victims of a malware attack that resulted in the encryption of information systems and disabled customer access to some services.

As of now, Pitney Bowes has confirmed that it is working with third-party security experts and consultants. However, the identity of these experts is still unknown. The company has also disclosed that, as of now, it does not appear that customer data or any other sensitive information had been accessed. While this is reassuring, it is important to air on the side of caution. Ransomware attacks are not known to be a form of heckling someone.

Pitney Bowes has yet to disclose whether the attack was directed at a certain employee, or if it was transported to them through a third-party service provider. Furthermore, it is unknown if the company’s MSP was monitoring the security network before the attack occurred. We expect to learn more information and will keep you apprised of the situation as the story develops.

What’s Next?

If you believe you were affected by this attack, we recommend following the developments on Pitney Bowes’s Twitter as well as there webpage that is posting live updates of the situation as it develops. The company has stated that it plans on keeping its users as up-to-date on the situation as possible.

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