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Its no denying that Windows Defender has come a long way since its debut in 2006. When it was first revealed, Windows Defender was a laughable attempt at an antivirus solution, however, Microsoft, with the release of Windows 10, had started to show neglect for the free antivirus solution. After a while, Microsoft was able to create a competitive, free, antivirus solution for its customers. Although, what they didn’t consider was how often their updates affect other areas of their operating system.

Shooting Themselves in the Foot

While patching an error within Windows Defender, Microsoft unknowingly gave themselves another, equally worrisome problem to deal with. The update to Windows Defender on September 16th was to patch out a coding flaw that would send an error to users when a file system was scanned and needed repair. However, when the update was pushed out to users, it was discovered that both the quick scan and full scan options were broken.

Most of the time, when running a full or quick scan on your machine, you can expect to wait anywhere between 15 minutes to 4 hours, depending on how much used space you have. However, users were reporting that, after the update, when running a quick or full scan on their machines, Windows Defender would scan only a small amount of their files before completing. However, if you still wish to run a scan on your machine, or need to run a scan, there is a workaround. By running a Custom Scan, you can specify which drive you wish Windows Defender to inspect, and the scan should run and complete normally.

What You Need to Do

Reported by numerous other sites, such as Forbes and BleepingComputer, Microsoft has already released a fix for the issue! So, while it can be said that they broke Windows Defender, they also fixed it within a day, showing they are capable of maintaining their antivirus solution. The update should automatically trigger for users, but to be sure, make certain you manually check for updates!

Furthermore, it is important that those who are using Windows Defender as their antivirus solution do not adopt the policy of not updating their machines. Microsoft is usually upfront and honest about errors that occur with their operating system due to updates while following up that honesty with a quick response time to get a patch out to all users. It is important to remember that not updating your machine is usually worse than dealing with the occasional breakage that may occur. That said, waiting a day or two before updating, to make sure the update is clean of bugs and errors, is always a wise route to take!