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New ransomware, Nemty, has been discovered according to the report from BleepingComputer. Nemty, as security researchers are calling it, has the possibility to spread using compromised Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections.

Nemty, like all other ransomware, holds the victim’s files hostage, deleting all shadow versions of the files while disabling the victim from any attempted recovery options. Payment is then required via bitcoins, which average about $1,000.

Those infected will be prompted with this message:

Picture from BleepingComputer

Unfortunately, being so new, a known fix is not available, but security researchers are working diligently to find a fix. While RDP is suspected to be the method of distribution for the ransomware, researchers have not yet confirmed this finding.  Most ransomware is distributed through phishing emails. If RDP is the method of distribution, confirming hackers have gained higher access to the machine, cutting out the middleman, and giving them full control of the computer.

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