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As businesses become more and more connected to the internet, the threat of a data breach only increases. A study conducting by the University of Maryland in 2017 discovered that, on average, computers with internet access are attacked every 39 seconds. While this figure may be worrisome, this should come as no surprise to most. As technology continues to progress, becoming more and more a part of not only businesses but individual’s lives as well, criminals will try harder and faster to obtain access to confidential information.

These attacks are not cheap either. A study conducted by IBM found that on average, a cyberattack can cost $3.86 million. This number does not just reflect the damage the breach cost, but it also factors in loss of business, time spent on recovering, and damage to reputation. Taking steps to prevent an attack from happening is imperative. One must have the proper equipment and policies set in place in order to counter cyberattacks.

However, attackers are becoming smarter, more resourceful, faster, more aggressive. Many of them are also playing the long game as well. Lying dormant in a companies, or individual’s computers or server, waiting for the perfect moment to attack. While cyber security specialists are doing there best to stay 1-step ahead of criminals, there is only so much that can be done. Therefore, instead of playing a game of cat and mouse with attackers, cyber security specialists should be turning their attention towards using machine learning and AI to aid them in this constantly evolving battle.

Why Machine Learning and AI Should Be Recruited

Cybersecurity usually relies on methods of created static rules and policies that act as barriers to attackers. These barriers, regardless of how strongly built, are susceptible to cracks and leaks, allowing for unwanted guests to enter. This creates a constant game of catch up, rather than enforcing constant protection. This is especially true since cyber criminals are constantly evolving their viruses, making them stronger and harder to detect. If rules are not kept up to date, and scheduled maintenance is not regularly done, disaster can strike at any moment. Machine learning and AI can help level the playing field.

Even though cyber security specialists will remain as the last line of defense against attacks, AI and machine learning can be used as the first line of defense. AI and machine learning are constantly updating and learning, feeding off information from databases about cybersecurity and networking, as well as information from its experiences while deployed. AI and machine learning add automation to your cybersecurity team, aiding them in evolving and keeping your data safe from criminals.

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