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Hammett Technologies prides itself on its ability to offer businesses a cost-effective way to manage their IT department. Each of our technicians are trained professional who managed, assist, and guide you and your business on ways to increase security, functionality, and efficiency, without breaking the bank. We wanted to share with our readers ways that you can help your business cut down on IT costs. Over the next few weeks, will we outline ten (10) useful tips that will help you save money, without degrading the quality of the IT Department.

Target Immediate Impact

When it comes to cutting costs and saving money, the first thing CIOs should look for is unnecessary costs and subscriptions. It is relatively easy for businesses to overlook these small subscriptions, some of which may only come in at $100+ a month. However, when there are multiple subscriptions, the costs can be staggering, often without one realizing. Therefore, your first step to cutting down costs of your IT department should be to look for subscriptions or quarterly licenses that are no longer needed.

While doing this it is important to not go overboard. If the removal of said subscription or license could result in weaker security or possible corruption of data, do not, under any circumstance, remove those programs from your expenses. If information were to become corrupted or stolen, the cost of having the data restored or dealing with the fallout of a lawsuit is far more expensive than keeping the software in the first place.

Why Hammett Technologies

Hammett Technologies prides itself on its ability to maintain a healthy, state-of-the-art, IT Department without cutting corners and without breaking your business’s bank. We ensure that your company is only spending what it needs to spend for its IT Department, with no hidden costs and complete transparency. We break down every payment and all your options so that you, not only know what you are paying for but also understand how it will impact and improve your business. Hammett Technologies is a team of dedicated individuals that want to help you, and your business, grow and thrive.