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As technology continues to progress, security on a global scale becomes a larger concern for all. For any country, one of the largest concerns is a cyber attack that could cripple the power of multiple cities. The United States, however, has begun to take steps to counteract this potentially catastrophic situation. After multiple, unsuccessful attacks on the US power grid, the United States government has begun to look at other, older, methods to secure the power grid.

The United States has decided that, instead of using updated technology to secure the power grid, the use of older, analog, manual technology is the best way to secure the nation’s power. The United States hopes that, by using manual techniques, the threat of a larger-scale attack will diminish significantly. Furthermore, manual technology means that only direct, physical access will allow access to the power grid, potentially eliminating cyber attacks entirely.  

As technology continues to advance on a global scale, cyberattacks become more potential and more dangerous. It is interesting to see the United States, instead of contributing higher-tech to securing the power grid, is instead opting for older, retro-styled tactics of security. After all, the best security against a cyberattack is to eliminate the cyber aspect!

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(9/10/19) Update

ZDNet has reported that the US power grid has just been struck by a cyber attack! Security researchers have discovered that the attack occurred due to an unpatched firewall, allowing hackers to use a DoS attack on the firewalls located in a power grid operator. You can read more about the incident on ZDNet!