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Windows and Linux users are once again the targets of a new string of ransomware: Tycoon. First discovered in 2019, the new strain of ransomware was created to attack educational institutes and software industries. Once inside, Tycoon proceeds to encrypt file servers, demanding a ransom for decryption. What makes this ransomware different from its predecessors is its use of code to help disguise its presence on networks.

Uncovering Tycoon Ransomware

Discovered by researchers and security analysts at Blackberry and KPMG, Tycoon is quite unusual compared to other ransomware. Utilizing Java, Tycoon deploys using Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and compiles itself into a Java image file (Jimage) to hide its malicious payload.

What Tycoon Does

The ransomware infiltrates a network using unsecured internet-facing remote desktop protocol (RDP) servers. When the system is compromised, antivirus solutions are rendered useless due to Tycoon’s ability to elevate its privileges and disable them. Once executed, Tycoon ransomware encrypts all files connected with the network, adding filename extensions such as .redrum, .grinch, and .thanos. Like other ransomware, once all files are encrypted, users are prompted to pay a ransom (in the form of bitcoin) to obtain their data back safely.

Staying Safe

RDP is a common way for many malicious attack campaigns to infiltrate networks. Ports should only face outward towards the internet for extreme cases, and users accessing these ports should have strong, unique passwords. Regularly updating your system’s security is another good way to ensure your network remains safe. Regularly backing up your network and storing those backups offsite or off the network is another crucial step to take. Should the worst case scenario happen, a backup will save you time and money.

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