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When B&B Welding Company required comprehensive IT strategies, Hammett Technologies provided them with a customized plan and implemented effective solutions. Hammett Technologies significantly reduced unnecessary downtime, generating greater efficiency for B&B Welding Company.

 B&B Welding Company is an enterprise level steel fabricator who rely on Information Technology for every aspect of their business. The steel columns and beams they manufacture are processed with automated computer systems. B&B need their IT hardware and software to interface flawlessly with their manufacturing equipment.

B&B’s Dennis McCartney states “We do everything in a 3D model first. All the design specs and details come out of that model and are then sent to the server and through the estimation software. We also use production control software and have accounting software to keep track of expenses.”

B&B was lacking a technical resource to help them achieve new ways to complete business with technology. In terms of company growth, B&B required an IT company they could trust to stand by them and help them achieve their goals. B&B was experiencing lots of downtime, due to bugs and viruses that constantly needed to be fixed by their previous provider. While their IT issues were being resolved onsite, employees couldn’t work. B&B was dissatisfied with the service they were receiving and began searching for a better option.

B&B met with Hammett Technologies and was won over by their package descriptions. Hammett Technologies offered them a deluxe program that included replacement of all their equipment every three years and remote fixes which lessened the need for onsite visits. B&B needed a comprehensive IT partner that provided them with security solutions and would protect B&B as a business. Hammett Technologies suited them perfectly.

The Situation: A need for effective technical resources and security solutions

 Hammett Technologies worked closely with B&B to develop a tailored three-year plan. They evaluated B&B’s technology needs and presented new solutions to help them save money and work efficiently. Hammett Technologies assisted B&B with the deployment, management and support of these solutions. McCartney says “Hammett Technologies did some auditing of our firewall security and found that we were quite vulnerable to risk. We use barcode scanners in our shop, so we need strong, secure Wi-Fi.” Hammett connected with B&B’s barcoding partner, integrated their system and worked with them to update the Wi-Fi capabilities. As a result of the new services Hammett Technologies implemented, downtime created by previous security issues and continual onsite visits was drastically reduced. Most importantly, Hammett Technologies provided their standard security best practices to keep B&B’s network safe from cyber attack.

The Solution: Teaming with Hammett Technologies for comprehensive and dedicated IT support and strategies

Hammett Technologies and B&B maintain a fantastic working relationship. Hammett Technologies cares about B&B’s success and has effectively become a member of their team. B&B calls on Hammett Technologies for leadership around technology and support in all aspects of their business. They have become friends not just business partners. Hammett Technologies is committed to providing B&B with a complete IT department for a fraction of the cost of hiring in house. Hammett Technologies supplies B&B with the following for a flat monthly rate:

  • State of the art hardware – including servers, workstations, switches, firewalls and WAPs. Hammett Technologies updates this equipment every three years, keeping B&B’s equipment current and competitive.
  • Software services – including Antivirus, security services, Backup, Office products, Email, CIO and CISO
  • Proactive managed services – including unlimited remote and onsite support, preventative maintenance and monitoring and data backup and business continuity solutions

 B&B recommends Hammett Technologies for their responsive support, impressive outreach, description of services and cutting edge technology solutions. McCartney reveals “They keep us on the ball with upcoming strategies, software and hardware that may suit our needs.” He continues “We will always recommend Hammett Technologies to friends and other businesses alike. They keep us up and running day to day, they rarely ever have to come in. Hammett Technologies has the connections and the expertise, which they use to support our specific business needs and goals.”

Hammett Technologies is a trusted IT services company who take their clients’ needs seriously. Hammett Technologies works alongside their clients to develop a technology plan that works for their business goals, without the high cost associated with hiring a full-time IT person. Call us on (443) 216-9999 or send us an email at to see how we can make your business even better.