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With Windows 7 service coming to an end in only a few days, we thought it was essential to give one last push to those of you who still have not made the jump to Windows 10. After January 15, Windows 7 will no longer be in service, meaning that all security updates will cease. Continuing to run an operating system without support from the developers (i.e. Microsoft), can be extremely risky and will ultimately and inevitably lead to a malware-infected computer. Furthermore, if your business is still using Windows 7 on its work computers, you must upgrade to Windows 10 immediately.

Why Upgrading to Windows 10 is Important

As you have already read, Windows 7 will be out of service by January 15. However, what you may not understand is what that exactly means for you. Virtually all “end of service” means is that Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7. However, the deeper meaning to that statement is that with Microsoft no longer supporting the operating system (OS), hackers will begin to reverse engineer patches and updates. Essentially, Windows 7 will soon become an open playground for hackers and malware developers.

If you are insistent on staying with Windows 7, even though consumers are reporting that they are still able to upgrade for free, you can pay for security updates from Microsoft. This yearly subscription will enable you to stay on Windows 7 and continue to receive security updates from Microsoft, but costs will increase yearly. In our opinion, unless your business relies on Windows 7, there is no excuse not to upgrade to Windows 10.

Why Upgrade to Windows 10

First and foremost, Windows 10 is far secure than Windows 7 at this point. With constant updates and patches that have improved performance and security, Windows 10 has come a far way from where it began.  Furthermore, upgrading to Windows 10, if you have a valid license of Windows 7, is still free! All you have to do is download the Windows 10 installer and then upgrade it. It is that simple.

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