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Chances are, if you have had a Windows PC, you have noticed that Microsoft loves to pre-load them with software you will never touch. This bloatware takes up unnecessary space and is a general annoyance to look at! Today, we will go over three in-house methods and one 3rd-party software method to uninstall programs from your computer!

Using Control Panel

The tried and true method of removal is an oldie but goodie! To get to the Control Panel all you must do is click on the Start Menu and type “control panel” and press enter!

You should be created to a window like this…
…or this:

*You can switch between both views depending on your preference using the “View by:” option in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

Now that we have cleared up any confusion, look for the button labeled either “Programs and Features” and select it.

Or if you are sorting by “Category” find the button labeled “Programs” (1). Directly beneath it you will see “Uninstall a program” (2), which if selected will take you to the same place.

Once there, you will be greeted with a full list of all the programs currently installed on the PC. Clicking on one of the programs will reveal a list of options along the top bar, one of which will allow you to uninstall the selected program!

If you are curious as to what “Powerful Uninstall” is, we will touch base on that when we reach the 3rd-party uninstall application section.

Using Windows Settings

A quicker, and just as good of a method for removing a program from your computer is using the relatively new Windows Settings. To view Windows Settings, open your Start menu the same way we did before, but this time locate and select the gear!

Once selected, you should be greeted with “Windows Settings”! Now look for the “Apps” button and select it.

Once selected, you will once again be shown a full list of all installed programs on your computer! Simply click on one and the uninstall option show appear!

Using the Start Menu

The quickest, yet most restrictive way of removing a program is through the start menu. This method only works for programs that you have pinned to your start menu. To use this method, first, open your start menu and right-click on any application (on the left-hand column or the squares on the right)!

Third-Party Software

There is plenty of third-party software out there that can also assist you in uninstalling programs from your machine, especially those pesky programs that always seem to stick around no matter how hard you try to get rid of them.

One of my favorite programs is IObit Uninstaller. Completely free and easy to use, the program works similar to the first two methods shown earlier but ensures complete file deletion.

If you are having any trouble understanding or following the guide, send us a message! We are more than happy to assist you in uninstalling a pesky program. If you are a business owner, click here to find out how we can help your business grow and stay secure!