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Verizon Looks to Develop Internet That’s Faster Than Ever Before!

Verizon InternetVerizon, an innovative wireless communications company, is looking to make the Internet 1000 times faster than ever before – providing customers with a new service that has download speeds of 10 gigabits per second! What does that mean for you? That means Internet that’s 1,000 times faster than the average US residential Internet connection speed.

What would you do if your Internet was that fast? Let’s look at how fast the service would actually be:

  • Uploading 1,000 photos would only take two seconds.
  • Downloading a two-hour movie would only take eight seconds

According to Verizon, the new technology would be able to, in the future, offer speeds as quick as 40-80 gigabits per second! Although the new technology is being tested at the moment, they’ve been able to reach 10 gigabits per second speeds in a lab, a home, and a business.

For companies like yours, the benefits of Internet speeds that are 1,000 times faster are obvious:

  • Improved ability to respond to customers: If speeds are slow, employees are often left staring at the screen waiting for an email to load or send, especially when files are attached. If speeds are fast, you’re able to communicate quickly to customers and potential customers.
  • Enhanced ability to find information: Whether you’re searching in a general search engine or online database, quick speeds let you find important information faster and more efficiently; giving you an edge over the competition.

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