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Earlier this week, a massive Twitter hack occurred, involving famous individuals and high-profile politicians. These hacked accounts asked for bitcoins and offered to “double the amount” to “give back to the community.”

Twitter, while conducting its investigation, has commented on the situation, stating that the hackers had specifically targeted employees who had access to internal systems and tools. Twitter is calling this attack a “coordinated social engineering attack.” Furthermore, Twitter has also stated that they are investigating other potential “malicious activities” that may have taken place during the attack.

However, these have not done much to help calm down the victims of the hack. US Sen. Edward Markey commented on the situation and stated that this kind of attack is “extremely troubling.” “While this scheme appears financially motivated and, as a result, presents a threat to Twitter users, imagine if these bad actors had a different intent to use powerful voices to spread disinformation to interfere without elections potentially, disrupts the stock market, or upset our international relations.”

Twitter has confirmed that the hackers while targeting 130 accounts, were only able to access a small portion of them. This “small portion” was then used to create cryptocurrency fraud, stated the FBI. The FBI went on to mention the importance of practice cybersecurity and becoming knowledgable in common internet scams and schemes. Bitcoin, while the cryptocurrency itself is not malicious, is often used by cybercriminals for transactions and scams.

The Twitter hack furthers the point we try to make towards business. Cybersecurity is critical, and if a multibillion-dollar company (Twitter) can be breached, then so can your company. We understand that this truth can be scary, but it is a truth many companies refuse to face, and many companies do not want to face it. Many choose to cut corners to save many, leading to a poorly designed cybersecurity team and system.

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