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“Mass Logger,” a new keylogger on the market, has the potential to become extremely dangerous for businesses and individuals.

Keyloggers are a type of malware, usually found within phishing campaigns, that store all information you type into your computer. These malicious programs can lead to many of your passwords becoming compromised.

Why is This Key Logger so Dangerous?

Mass Logger is different from other key loggers. The developer of Mass Logger is frequently updating this key logger to help it remain undetected through automated antivirus solutions. Furthermore, support from the developer allows other cybercriminals to assist with and make requests for the malware.

Cofense Intelligence has already identified a phishing campaign hiding Mass Logger. Emails loaded with GuLoader, a popular malware delivery mechanism that downloads encrypted payloads hosted on legitimate file-sharing platforms is also being used to deliver Mass Logger.

A New Kind of Keylogger

Additions and features, such as the ability to spread itself through USB ports, set Mass Logger apart from other key loggers. Mass Logger is also able to search for specific file extensions and exfiltrate them. These “features,” and the key loggers continued support from its developer, could see Mass Logger being adopted by a large portion of cybercriminals.

Defending Yourself from Mass Logger

Defending yourself from malware is tiresome but a necessary task when online. Ensure that you are watching out for suspicious emails from unknown senders. Never open attachments from people you are unfamiliar with or do not know. Merely opening an infected attachment is all malicious programs need to begin infecting your system. Ensure that you trust the sites you are downloading programs from and that they are reputable.

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