Your Steel Fabrication and Erection Company Needs a Reliable IT Partner!

Your Steel Fabrication and Erection Company Needs a Reliable IT Partner!

The job of steel fabrication and the erection of that steel on a construction site isn’t an easy one. There are a million – or at least it seems that way – things to keep track of and decisions to make. Having the right IT solutions and an IT service provider on your side will optimize communications, reduce your stress level, mitigate IT downtime issues, and make the job go more smoothly.

Here’s the hard fact:

Your expertise is in designing, fabricating, and erecting structural steel. Your company can’t do all. That’s why you hire sub-contactors!

Outsourcing your business technology just makes sense. After all, your expertise is in building skylines… not doing endless updates, upgrades, and security patches.

Have you noticed how hard it has become lately to find dependable IT care that understands the rigorous demands of steel manufacturing and construction?

Yes, we’ve heard all the horror stories…

We want to assure you that the Hammett Technologies team has been around the block and has a superb reputation among the construction trades.

Discover the difference it makes having competence and experience working alongside you in the IT sphere!

The truth is that technology isn’t going away. It just makes sense to develop and maintain a relationship with a company like Hammett Technologies that can tackle the challenges and intricacies of your company’s IT environment.

You need a strategic, go-to, IT partner for your firm that understands your processes and workflow.

Too many times projects are delayed because of IT downtime.

Don’t let your projects be among those that are slow to get off of the drafting table and onto the building site!

Our IT management and maintenance team has the experience and breadth of knowledge to give you the secure, stable, optimized IT you need.


We have the competence and character to do it right – the first time.

Give us a call now at (443) 216-9999 or send an email to We’ll implement and maintain an IT environment for you that’s as strong as the steel you produce and the buildings you build!