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Positive Technologies released an article on October 26, 2021 discussing the creation and development of rootkits in cyber attacks. Their research discovered that 77% of rootkits are used against government agencies. Rootkits, a dangerous type of cyber attack, are designed to intercept system calls, replace software and system processes, and may also contain keyloggers that can be used to steal your data.

While this type of cyber attack is dangerous, they are far less common than other forms of malware. Due to their complex nature, the majority of rootkit attacks come from advanced persistent threats (APTs), cyber criminal groups who have the resources to create and carry out more complicated and expensive attacks. Therefore, because of the difficult in creating them, the target must be considered “high-value”. The majority of the time, the attackers using rootkits are attempting data-theft, but there are cases where the goal is strictly financial.

While the majority are used against government agencies, rootkits have also been used against telecommunication companies, manufactures, and financial institutions. In addition to business, rootkits may also target specific individuals considered to be “high-ranking”. This could be political figures, military officers, and even business owners.

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