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A recently discovered exploit in Log4j, an open-source logging library used by multiple services and applications across the internet, allows attackers to execute remote code on any vulnerable servers. If exploited successfully, attackers can upload and import malware onto compromised servers, rendering those servers, and any machines that may connect to them, infected.

Nearly every network security system runs a daily log, a list of activities performed, of activities that occurred on said network. As you can imagine, this gives popular logging libraries, like Log4j, immense reach, leaving millions of machines and servers vulnerable to attack.

In order to exploit the vulnerability, an attacker simply needs to save a specific string of characters in the log. Since logging systems save a wide variety of events, such as messages received and sent by users, this exploit is extremely easy to take advantage of and can be triggered in a variety in ways.

Due to the variety of applications vulnerable to the exploit and the immense range of possible ways to deliver the attack means that firewall protection alone cannot adequately protect your machines or servers. However, there has been an update to the log4j library, aimed at mitigating the vulnerability, but it will take time to ensure all machines are properly updated to protect against this exploit.

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