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Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is a simple, familiar, and easy to use OS that operates with more speed and power than ever before, but similar to all new releases in the IT world, there are some bugs. Microsoft has been testing and researching the OS, and they’ve incorporated major upgrades in the Build 10565.

Windows 10

Here is a list of what you can expect from the upgrades of Build 10565:

Skype Integration

Microsoft will be including Skype video calling and messaging into the new Operating System. This will allow users free calling across 3G and 4G data and WIFI connections. The Integration won’t be perfect, but Microsoft is working on making it as efficient and simple to use as possible.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s Edge Browser is receiving a few upgrades, such as tab preview and syncing reading items with favorites or frequently visited sites. There are various other upgrades to come for those using the new browser.


Those with Surface Pro items can now use their Surface pen to write down notes and have the Cortana recognize and schedule events and set reminders. Cortana is also capable of scanning your email for confirmation messages and scheduling concerts or other ticket events.

Other minor fixes made include:

  • Sounds will now work when windows are minimized
  • Context menus are now smaller for the mouse pad
  • Contacts can be pinned to the start menu
  • You can hide desktop items
  • Applications will not appear more than once on the task bar

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