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How happy are you with your businesses security?

Cyber Security Heat Map

Are you being given the best, or just getting by? A security heat map of your system can provide that answer if you’re not quite sure. Conducting a full assessment will show you where your strengths are and, even more importantly, what’s at risk. Proper cyber security could mean the difference between thriving and going under after a breach.

You need to be sure you’re covered from every angle. We provide the tools you need to ensure your business would pass any security heat map.

The Basics are Important

  • The basic forms of protection are there for a reason. They may seem insignificant, but they help to keep your business protected against cybercrime. If a heat map reveals you don’t have proper firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam then you’ve definitely got a problem on your hands.
  • Heat maps can also look at whether your email filtering is properly implemented. A huge number of today’s cyber-attacks occur through email, with faulty links that end up doing serious damage not only to a computer but to an entire network.
  • Educating your staff is essential. Trust is important, but when your workers are setting up passwords and using the web they need to know how to stay safe. Security heat maps should check on password strength and overall data protection.

You Need to Be Covered

  • A flaw in your security could easily cripple your business – once a hacker has access to your network, they move quickly and do a ton of damage in a small amount of time. If you lose client information or company data, you can lose trust forever.
  • A security heat map will determine exactly where your issues are and what needs to be fix. We can help get you up to date and fully protected so that when your next security check rolls around, your system is functioning at its peak and keeping you totally secure.

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