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Did you know only 3% of data loss results from natural disaster while 97% results from human error?

Business Continuity PlanningImagine going into the office, turning on your computer, and being unable to access your emails and files. Would you be able to keep working? 50% of companies that experienced data loss and couldn’t recover all of their files ended up filing for bankruptcy within 4 months. Yet so many business owners fail to prepare for unexpected, potentially business-destroying events, such as:

  • Natural disasters that destroy or damage equipment
  • Malware, ransomware, or virus infections
  • Unexpected power surges or outages
  • Employee errors such as accidentally deleting files

Don’t risk the livelihood of your company and employees. You NEED a business continuity plan to avoid losing clients, business opportunities, and revenue when data loss occurs. Contact us at {phone} or send us an email: {email}.

Your data is the lifeblood of your organization – letting you interact with and serve clients effectively; and when you lose your data, you’re unable to get work done, which often leaves your clients looking for another company that offers what you offer. Fortunately, we understand how important staying operational is.

That’s why we offer business continuity planning, which includes:

  • Backing up all important data, applications, user settings, and more – ensuring you’re able to quickly restore everything.
  • Storing backups onsite and offsite in a secure cloud data center to prevent loss if onsite equipment becomes damaged.
  • Creating a reliable business continuity plan with step-by-step procedures for simplified recovery.
  • Monitoring and testing all backups on a regular basis to ensure they’re working and ready to restore.

It’s only a matter of time before some type of disaster strikes. Contact {company} at {phone} or send us an email: {email}. We’ll help you prepare for the worst to maintain the livelihood of your company and employees.