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Have you ever wanted a little more background information on an image you’ve seen online? Have you ever found an image and wished you could find others similar to it? Well, Google Images has a feature that allows just that, and it does its job quite well! Their engine allows users to reverse image search, letting users find the original image and ones similar!

For instance, let’s say you stumble across this image of a mountain.

You find the particular image quite stunning, but the website or post you found it on does not provide any information about its location or name! Here is where Google’s reverse image search engine comes in handy!

To access Google’s reverse image search engine, first, you must navigate to Google Images. Once there, click on the little camera icon found within the search bar.

From there, you get two options:  You could paste an image’s URL, or you could upload an image from your computer.

I find that downloading the image to my computer and then uploading it is much more convenient.

Once completed, Google scours the internet in search of images similar to the one you upload, as well as attempt to locate its name for you!

As you can see from our search results, the picture in question was Mount Everest! Now I know the name of this mysterious mountain as well as have the ability to view images that are similar to the one I uploaded!

It is important to note that Google’s reverse image search is not perfect. When someone posts a picture online, any slight changes made to the picture could throw off the engine’s ability to accurately detect what the image is conveying. However, I find it quite useful from time to time and recommend that the next time you want to find a little more information about a picture, you give it a try!