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Microsoft is pulling the plug on its widely loved operating system (OS), Windows 7, in January 2020. Therefore, it is important that you know how to upgrade to their latest OS, Windows 10.

Why should you upgrade? Well, when Windows 7 gets discontinued, Microsoft will no longer offer support or update the OS, leaving you vulnerable to exploits and other security risks. 

Those of you that are worried that Windows 10 will have a steep learning curve, fret not! Windows 10 is very similar to its older brother Windows 7. I have to admit, there are a few differences between the two, such as Windows 10’s revamped settings panel, and the new start menu. However, if you are worried that Windows 7 and Windows 10 would be polar opposites like Windows 7 and Windows 8, rest easy, nothing could ever be that bad again.

This guide aims to ease you through upgrading your OS. Once you finish with these steps, you’ll be well on your way to Windows 10!

Check List

Minimum Requirements for Windows 10

If you are worried you may be on this list, think about the following question. Did you purchase your computer after 2014? If you answered yes to this question, chances are your machine is more than capable of running Windows 10. For those of you running older machines, consider purchasing a new computer. Many of them come preloaded with Windows 10, and besides the upgraded OS, you will also be greeted with high speeds, better resolution, and overall better user experience.

Processor 1GHz or Faster CPU or System on a Chip (SoC)
RAM 1GB for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit
Hard Drive Space Existing installations: 16GB for 32-bit or 20GB for 64-bit. Clean installation or new PC: 32GB or larger
Graphics DirectX9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
Display Resolution 800 x 600
Network Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection

Before upgrading it is also important that you have the latest version of Windows 7 installed on your machine as well. Be sure to check for updates on your machine and to download the “Windows 7 Service Pack 1” if you do not have that already installed on your machine.

Also, and it pains me to say this to you if you have waited this long to upgrade to Windows 10, it is no longer free. However, online retailer Newegg will make the upgrade expense less painful for you by offering both the Home edition and Pro edition of Windows 10 at a discounted price! The cost of a new Windows 10 license goes for $109.99 (Home) and $149.99 (Pro) on Newegg.

Furthermore, make sure you have an up-to-date backup or system image of your computer before upgrading. Microsoft has certainly improved in its upgrade process, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Follow this guide on Bleeping Computer to learn how to create a backup of your Windows 7 computer!

One last thing, I promise. Before you start, it is recommended that any anti-virus software you have installed be removed as this can sometimes cause interference with this upgrade. Make sure that all peripherals are also unplugged from the computer while it is updating, as these too can sometimes cause errors.


  1. Download and Install the Media Creation Tool
    1. Make sure you have your Windows 10 license activation code ready
  2. Double-click on the MediaCreationTool.exe to begin the Windows 10 upgrade setup
  3. Accept the licensing agreement
  4. Select “Upgrade this PC now” option and the necessary files will begin downloading to begin the upgrade.
  • Once finished, click Next
  • Enter your valid Windows 10 product key (Home or Pro)
  • Select Next
  • Accept the licensing agreement
  • Select “Keep personal files and apps” option
  • Select Install

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