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When iPhone released the iOS 9 installation, users could hardly wait to experience the new and exciting features that it had to offer. However, there was one feature in particular that proved to be more of a nuisance to iPhone users than a benefit. That feature was their Wi-Fi assist feature. Almost immediately after installation, iPhone users were noticing substantial increases in their data usage, prompting many to believe that their new operating systems may have had a bug.

WIFI Assist

Further investigations into the situation revealed that the cause of the data usage discrepancies actually stemmed from the operating systems Wi-Fi Assist feature, which automatically turns on the user’s cellular data when their Wi-Fi connectivity is low.

Wi-Fi Assist Could Be Activating Your Data Plan Even When Wi-Fi is Accessible

Although this new feature appears to seemingly offer an added level of convenience to the users’ mobile internet use experience, it is definitely not without flaws.  In fact, people who are not on unlimited data plans could be in for an unwelcomed surprise on their next cellular bill. Many users have found that the Wi-Fi Assist feature is overcompensating by switching over to data even when users are well within their Wi-Fi’s reach. Which could mean that your phone could be burning up your data, even while you are in your home or office!

How to Disable Wi-Fi Assist

Luckily disabling the Wi-Fi Assist feature is fairly simple. This will easily allow you to turn Wi-Fi assist on when you are away from your Wi-Fi signal, and then turn it off when you return home. Below are instructions on how to disable the Wi-Fi Assist feature:

  1. Go to settings > Cellular (referred to as Mobile Data in certain regions)
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the Wi-Fi Assist feature
  3. Select “off

All iPhones running on iOS 9 come with the Wi-Fi Assist feature automatically set to “on” and must be manually disabled if you do not wish to use the feature.

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