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A cell phone number is a powerful thing and can lead to potential security breaches.

Your cell phone number is connected to a lot of things. If you are like most Americans, you have it connected to your social media accounts, bank accounts, and more as added protection. If you are using your cell phone this way, you need to think twice before you give your number to anyone. It may seem harmless but in today’s world, it can be just as dangerous as giving someone your bank account number.

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Unlike a social security number, a cell phone number is not a protected piece of information. This means that while companies are legally required to protect your social security number, they are not required to do the same thing with your cell phone number. About ten years ago, people had home phones more than they had cell phones. The opposite is true today. More people today will have the same cell phone numbers and social security numbers for their entire lives. This poses a huge security threat.

Some investigators argue that a cell phone number, when combined with a name, is even more powerful than a social security number. This is due to the fact that it is connected to many different kinds of databases and it is connected to a device you have with you at all times. Because of these facts, it is important to change the way you protect your cell phone number. You should never provide it to a database unless it is required. Be careful of who you give it to because you do not know what they will do with it.

Protect your cell phone number just like you would your social security number. If you would like more information about how this can affect you in {city} contact {company} via {phone} or {email} today.