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On a Windows machine, there are multiple ways of taking a screenshot. However, there are plenty of users who are still unsure of how to do so. Today we will review a few ways Windows users can take a screenshot on their PC.

Snipping Tool

Since 2002, Microsoft has implemented the snipping tool into its Windows machines. The tool is simple to use and allows users to capture their screen! However, Microsoft hides this tool from plain sight, leaving the tool undetected to new users.

  1. Navigate to the Start Menu
  • Type “Snipping Tool”
  • Select “New” and begin capturing your screen!
  • Once you have selected “New”, a white filter will appear over your screen. Click and drag your mouse across the area you wish to capture.

Snip & Sketch

Microsoft has confirmed that in a future update, the Snipping Tool will be getting a new home! Snip & Sketch, very similar to the Snipping Tool, has an improved user interface (UI) and a built-in shortcut to activate it on Windows 10 machines (Windows Key + Shift + S). However, it is important to note that Snip & Sketch is still in development, therefore bugs may still be present in the software.

  1. To launch Snip & Sketch, either use the shortcut (Windows Key + Shift + S) or search for in the Start Menu (Figure 1).
    Figure 1
    Figure 2
  1. Using the shortcut will allow you to immediately begin taking a screenshot.
    1. Searching for the program in the start menu will bring you to a home screen for Snip & Sketch (Figure 2).

  2. If you choose to search for Snip and Sketch in the Start Menu, the steps are the same. Simply choose “New” and begin to capture the desired area of your screen.

Third-Party Apps

While the built-in screen capture tools are nice, there are some third-party applications that I find to be much more reliable and easier to use. For example, Greenshot is a free, lightweight, program that is great for screenshots. In fact, its how I built this guide!

  1. Download Greenshot from their website:
  • Once downloaded, either navigate to your system tray (“ ^ “ icon on the bottom right of your screen) and locate the Greenshot application.
  1. A shortcut is also available after installing Greenshot. Simply press the “PrntScr” key on your keyboard to enable immediate screen capture.
    1. You may have to press and hold the Function Key “Fn” on some keyboards in order to activate “PrntScr”.
  • Once you have click on the Greenshot application in your system tray, a menu will appear with a list of options.

  1. Select “Capture region” to begin your screen capture.

If any of the above confuses you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions! We are more than happy to help! We have techs standing by to assist you with the day-to-day operations of your machine! If you are curious as to how we can assist your company to grow, click here!