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Sunair Awnings & Solar Screens protects their customers from the sun and rain, and they’ve been doing so since 1880. They lead the industry with the highest quality, most innovative custom-made retractable awnings and shade systems. In fact, Sunair was the first company to introduce the European-style retractable awning to the North American Market.

Hammett Technologies has been Sunair’s IT Consultant for the past 11 years. Previously, Vice President of Sales, Jim Wills, acted as their in-house IT guy and admits he wasn’t very good at it.

The Situation:

Sunair Needed an IT Consultant Who Was Knowledgeable and Capable.

Previously, Sunair used a slew of other IT providers, but none of them delivered the service they required. An essential requirement was that their IT Consultant understood their business and implemented technology based on their unique needs.

“We were outsourcing our needs one by one at first, and worked with several different IT services,” says Jim Wills, Vice President of Sales at Sunair. “We didn’t have a CTO or CIO, and while my knowledge was good, our needs very quickly exceeded my technical expertise.”

After working with so many other providers, Sunair knew they needed an IT Partner who would put their needs first and integrate technology that was right for their growing business.

“We quickly realized how different Hammett was from other IT providers. Hammett Technologies is so focused on our needs that they are like an extension of our company, rather than an outside provider,” says Wills.

The Solution:

Hammett Technologies Provides the Right Guidance and Saves Sunair Money.

Hammett Technologies met all of Sunair’s technology needs and more. Our experts focus on providing specialized IT services that transform as a company grows. Along with a helpdesk, IT management, and support, we act as Sunair’s CIO, CISO, and CTO. As a result, we’ve saved them a great deal of money.

Jim from Sunair went on to say, “Hammett’s current projects are very exciting and will contribute to our bottom line, providing more for us than they will cost. They’re installing and implementing a VOIP system which will give us a great return and the ability to provide excellent customer service. Now we can balance customer support calls between our two plants. This will help us provide the level of service our customers deserve without having to hire additional staff”.

In 2017, our IT Consultants helped Sunair save between $15,000 and $20,000 by evaluating their current systems rather than letting them purchase vendor-recommended hardware. We also helped Sunair save on staff and in-house IT services.

“Hammett implemented a CRM system for us,” continues Wills. “This allows all members of our sales and service team to access customer information and track all the transactions that occurred over time. Now, they can retrieve this information immediately.”

The Outcome:

Hammet Streamlined Sunair’s Operations While Improving Their Bottom Line.

Our IT Consultants successfully lowered costs for Sunair by recommending and implementing the right technologies.

Jim raves about our team: “Hammett acts as an extension of Sunair, not as an independent contractor trying to extract revenue. They help us keep costs low while keeping our customers happy. They also treat our ‘wallet’ as their own – the amount we spend on Hammett’s services is a fraction of what we would spend with other companies”.

Sunair Awnings and Solar Screens experienced what we do for all our clients. We work to cut costs while delivering exemplary service that is far above what other IT companies provide.

Hammett Technologies will ensure you realize the true value of your information technology. Call us at (443) 216-9999 or send us an email: We’ll address your unique IT requirements while saving you money.