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Low-level IT workers average $50,000 a year, and a CIO makes three times that with a $150,000 average salary.

Outsourcing IT Support

A lot SMBs find themselves in a difficult situation: it’s hard to add those sorts of figures to their payroll, but they still have IT needs that absolutely must be addressed.

Low-level workers are necessary for all the services that prevent disaster and improve daily production like network security, equipment optimization, business continuity, cloud migration, etc.

But, thankfully for your budget, you can outsource your IT needs to {company} instead. We’re able to provide all of those services (mostly remotely, though we can make on-site visits when necessary) at a flat rate that’s much more affordable than adding new members to your in-house team.

Outsource Your Servers, Too

Humans aren’t the only thing that can be outsourced.

Just how much are your servers costing you?

We’re not even talking about the thousands it took to initially buy and install your servers. Looking past those upfront costs you’ll see that all the electricity and maintenance required to keep your equipment running is what’s really costing you.

Using a cloud server instead of your own server will allow you to cut those ongoing expenses out completely, because it’s the person who runs the server you’re accessing remotely that’s responsible for all those costs. All you have to pay for is a small access fee.

And Why Not Outsource Your IT Consulting Needs As Well?

It’s easy to get caught up with the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business and forget that if you want to grow in the future, you better start planning for it now.

Remember how we mentioned earlier that the average CIO takes home $150,000 a year? Well, {company} can do everything an in-house CIO does, and we don’t ask for six figures.

So, let’s talk. What do you think defines your business? What are your goals? We know how to translate the geek speak associated with the IT industry into plain English/business value that C-level execs can understand. {company} will be with you every step of the way, helping you use technology to achieve all your goals.

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