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Most IT support firms are top notch providers, and are always there to do their best.

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Unfortunately, there are some issues which we simply can’t or won’t help you with because as good as we are, we simply can’t perform miracles and some situations are just too dodgy to touch.

IT support firms understand that everyone has IT needs that need to be fixed but you also have to be realistic and understand that there are limits.

Let’s talk about some of this issues when we don’t want you to call us because you are wasting your time and obviously need to do some serious revaluation.

No Back-Up

C’mon folks! You desktop or some other device with critical client and company information crashes and you haven’t backed it up? This is PC 101 stuff folks – always back-up your data! I know many of you are under the impression that we can retrieve lost data, but you also need to know that the retrieval process is very expensive and there is NO guarantee we can recover it all. Often, when it’s gone, we aren’t necessarily going to get it all back.

No Cash

Some business people tell us they have no money available for their IT budget. Well, are you expecting us to work for free? An IT support company doesn’t work that way and we can’t really do anything for you to provide continuity for your business if you aren’t prepared to spend some money. If you have obsolete equipment or software, there’s only so much we can do.

No IT Processes in Place

IT support companies take pride in the services we provide. Most of us like to give the ongoing support you need to grow and prosper. But, if you don’t have any processes in place that provide some kind of current and long term plan to grow your business, we can’t really help you because that’s your job, not the job of the IT company. We provide the support for your business processes, but we don’t create them.

Illegal Software

We won’t touch that with a ten foot pole, and if that’ what you’re looking help with then we’re out the door. I understand software can be an expense, but this a line we don’t cross. We’ll get rid of it for you and install legitimate software, and teach you how to use it, but otherwise this is a total deal breaker.

Want a Fix, but Not Ongoing Support

Yeah, if you want a fix then we can do that, but keep in mind that a fix is just a very short term solution. IT firms like to partner with their clients for the long term because we learn about your business and look to your future growth. If you jump from IT company to IT company for a fix when you need it, you’re really not getting the best value for your money. We can help you grow more proactively and more productively when you form a partnership with us for the long term.

Your IT company can do a lot great tech work, but there are some issues when we’d rather not hear from you because it simply isn’t worth it for you or for us.

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