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If you have an Nvidia graphics card, it is within your best interest to make sure your drivers are up to date. On May 9, Nvidia released a statement stating that they have patched security holes within their display drivers that could have led to a denial of service attacks, or could leave your personal information exposed for hackers. 

Drive update 430.64 was released on May 9 and remedies the security holes outlined below.

Vulnerability CVE-2019-5675 is an issue within the kernel of the GPU, which is used to handle only trusted windows files. This issue can be exploited and used to launch denial of service attacks (DoS) and allow hackers administrative privileges over your system.

Lastly, vulnerability CVE-2019-5677, another issue within the kernel, can lead to denial of service attacks (DoS).  

It is important that you update your cards immediately to avoid falling victim to any of these vulnerabilities. The newest driver update, released May 9, 2019, corrects each of the vulnerabilities listed above.