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The question truly depends on what exactly you would like from your IT provider; striking a balance of quality, cost, and efficiency is a complex equation.

What is that ideal balance worth to your company?

IT Consultant{company} is the leading IT services company in {city} – and we know you need great IT services – but how much should you expect to pay?


Of course you want good quality IT services. Who doesn’t? Your company runs on computers and those computers need to keep running! You need an IT provider who will be there when you need them and do the work you need them to do. No one wants to have to put in multiple tickets or follow up time and time again to receive the help that they are paying good money to receive. That is unreasonable. However, sometimes those good quality fixes are time consuming. Which brings us to our next point.


Downtime is the killer of money and productivity. No company can stand to have their systems out for days or even hours at a time! The key here is to find an IT provider who takes the time to put in safeguards, monitor your system, and teach your employees to avoid issues. Therefore, they can focus on the small problems that do, inevitably, spring up from time to time. Sometimes, the fast fix is not the right fix and your IT company should not only know the difference; they should keep you informed about any and all progress on tickets that might take a little longer to properly address. Fast isn’t necessarily the key here; you want a company who responds to you, keeps you in the loop, fixes problems properly, and who takes the time to set your system up for success. And finally…


You just read those descriptions of great IT services and what they entail and now you are thinking to yourself “I bet that will cost me an arm and a leg!” Well, you’re not completely wrong. Just like in any other field; you get what you pay for. Don’t take the cheapest route on IT because there is no chance that you will receive support that you are completely happy with. Beware of companies that quote you at the lowest cost and then charge you for every ticket or phone call. That adds up fast! When you are budgeting for IT, also ask yourself if outsourced IT can compare in price to an in house IT department or even one IT guy. The answer will surprise you! For the most part; that IT guy will cost you far more in the long run! Find the best IT fit for your business and the price will match the benefits.

Bottom line: you’re not going to find an IT consultant that’s fast, cheap, and good. You need to find the perfect balance of quality, efficiency, and cost – and it’s not going to be cheap. Your business is worth the cost, because ultimately, technology is a business enabler and you need to expect to pay a bit more to get the benefits.

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