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After the death of Iran’s General Qassem Solelmani, the United States may end up dealing with some serious cyber-attacks.  Since 1984, the United States has recognized Iran as a nation that supports terrorism and terrorist organizations, which has led to previous conflicts between the two nations. However, after the recent assassination of General Qassem Solelmani, the United States may face fierce retaliation. We have already seen government sites become hacked and defaced with Pro-Iran propaganda. Therefore, while we are unsure which shape their “revenge” will take, it is important that all US citizens prepare for all aspects, especially cyber. The Department of Homeland Security has issued the following statement urging US citizens to be cautious when browsing online over the next couple of weeks.

Many of us are aware of the basics when it comes to browsing online safely, but it is important to review.

  • Be cautious of suspicious emails
    • It is better to be safe than sorry. Do not download any attachments, or click any links, from emails unless you are 100% certain the email originated from a trusted sender.
  • Be aware of suspicious websites
    • If a website seems off or is asking for your credentials where it has not before, close the browser and attempt to navigate to the proper website. Fraudulent banking websites are extremely common and usually appear due to simple typos.

For businesses, make sure your cybersecurity team has your network locked down and protected against cyber-attacks. It is extremely important that one’s network is protected at all times. This is especially important if you are a business that transports customer confidential data or uses credit card transactions.

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