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IT Security isn’t just about stopping viruses from infecting your systems – it’s about safeguarding your employees and your reputation.

Cyber Security

That’s why we take it so seriously! In this modern age of cybercrime, you need to know that your IT company is doing everything they can to protect your interests.

That’s why Hammett Technologies follows the SimpuSecure 6-Step Security Process – a simple and comprehensive plan for protecting ALL the parts of your business. Call us at {phone} or send us an email: {email}.

  1. Protect your Employees

Most users infect company networks without knowing what they did. Every company has that one or two employees who think they know what they are doing and hurt more than help. Your employees use computers as a tool to complete tasks that make you profitable, but many also use them as a toy to venture out and hit sites that have nothing to do with your business.

Our first step is protecting your employees from themselves: Disabling unneeded access to system configurable items and deploying our web security client on each machine keeps employees safe and stops them from bringing malicious viruses and malware into your network.

  1. Protect your computers

Antivirus and antimalware software is just part of keeping your computers and servers safe from threats. Most people overlook patching of the operating system and software you use, thinking systems like those won’t leave you vulnerable. The truth is that most Viruses attach your machine through exploits fix via patching.

Our skilled team not only monitors virus software and responds when something is found but also ensure all your software and operating system patches are tested and deployed on a regular basis.

  1. Protect your Data
  • Are you sure everything’s backed up and safe?
  • Do you complete regular disaster recovery tests to ensure the systems and your data is recoverable?

If you still use tapes or a single device to store all your company data in the same location the servers run, your business is at risk. We not only backup your data locally, but also to our off site encrypted and secure data center. We also check and verify the backups complete successfully while providing scheduled disaster recovery tests ensuring your company’s data is safe.

  1. Protect your email

The number of viruses you receive on a daily basis through email would shock most people. New threats come out every day and sometimes they make it through your email spam and virus filter.

In order to help keep your emails safe we developed a multi-engine security platform, putting each email through 4 separate security checks before it even reaches your inbox.

  1. Protect your Network

The firewall you install is the first device touched by the Internet. Not keeping this device updated with the latest software releases leaves your company open to the world. In addition, most modern firewalls have additional security tools built in that require advanced setup to be effective.

You also need someone who can monitor threats and continue to configure and lock out bad guys. Don’t think just having a firewall is keeping your network and systems safe. Managing and monitoring the firewall is key to maintaining security.

  1. Continuously improve

Security threats change on a daily basis. You need an expert who keeps track of new tactics attackers and hacker use to bring down your company and costs you unnecessary costs. The last thing we want is our clients to be the next VA or Anthem hitting the front page news and losing sensitive data because they ignored security process and policy.

We continue to change and adapt to every new cyber threat, forcing us to create new standards and processes to maintain the best possible security.

Hammett Technologies helps you realize the true value of your information technology. Call us at {phone} or send us an email: {email}. We’d be happy to discuss your IT needs.