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baltimore IT servicesCharles Hammett here, president of Hammett Technologies.

Let’s take a minute and talk about Return On Investment (ROI) … my absolute favorite words in business. “Return on investment” is simply the difference between the benefit and the cost of something.

ROI is a critical ingredient that all successful business owners use to make their decisions. I always want to invest my time and money into my business in ways that will produce MAX ROI.

What I absolutely love about what I do is hearing customers tell me how partnering with us and evaluating their risks, process and procedures has helped them maximize their technology ROI.

These business owners have experienced first-hand the difference between general IT service teams and a partner who focuses the goals and success of their business. You already have an IT budget, so re-focus it on what matters.

How can we help you provide the MAX ROI from technology?

  • You already pay for many of the products that come standard in our service packages. The actual cost to partner with us is much lower than you think. We always maintain the best-in-breed solutions and continuously improve what we use for our clients.
  • Keeping your business safe while maintaining uptime helps to enable profit centers, which leads to more revenue.
  • Looking at existing technologies and processes while evaluating ways to streamline or automate them helps you produce additional revenue.
  • Knowing an expert is handling your cybersecurity and business continuity needs provides you a quick recovery path, getting you back up in the event of a disaster. Less downtime equals more productivity, which leads to minimal revenue loss.
  • Having someone available when you pick up the phone to support and / or fix your issues allows you to resume work with limited interruption.

Don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish.” You spent years building your business. With the rise in ransomware and cybercrime, make sure you evaluate the big picture and test every decision by asking yourself what will produce MAX ROI. The money you already spent today could be re-focused on keeping your business safe.

Please take some time to reach out to me directly, so we can discuss your current solutions and how to maximize the ROI. I’m available any time at 443-216-9999 or by emailing