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The internet can be a dangerous place. Therefore, as we traverse the digital landscape we must always stay on high alert! Recently, a new type of phishing email has hit our digital world. Be one the lookout for emails that are from At first glance, this email appears to come from Share Point, giving oneself a false sense of security, but do not be fooled! This email, if opened, will contaminate your computer. This false sense of security is only further by the header of the message reading “This mail is from a trusted sender.”. If you receive a message that looks like this, do not open the attachment!

When you receive a suspicious email, always make sure to carefully go over the sender information. Ask yourself these questions: “Do I know this sender?” and “Does this email pertain to something I am familiar with?”. Even if you can answer “yes” to both questions, you should remain vigilant. Always be on the look out for anything that is out of place or suspicious. By playing it safe and paying attention you will save yourself both time and money!

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