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Trapped by IT Company

Is your I.T. company keeping secrets from you?

When you hire someone to handle all your information technology for you, it’s to be expected that you’re going to let them handle the nitty-gritty details. That’s what they’re good at, and you’ve got better things to do than worry about handling updates or patches for all the applications you use every day.

But you have to be careful not to get to the point where you have NO idea what your I.T. company is doing for you. There are a lot of I.T. people out there who think they can trap you in their service by not telling you where the bodies are buried in the backyard. They think that if you never know the status of your technology, or are afraid of what will happen if you don’t have them handling it, that you’ll never leave them and they can do whatever they like with your money.

Here are 3 tips to ensure that you keep your I.T. company honest:

  • Have regular status meetings: Your company should be maintaining regular communications with you, keeping you in the know on the health of your technology and the potential challenges that may arise down the road. Make sure they meet with you at least once per quarter, in person, to talk about the relationship between your business and your technology.
  • Ensure you track support requests: If you’ve turned to your company’s Help Desk for I.T. support, they should be sending you email copies of your ticket, so you can stay on top of the work being done for you.
  • Demand no geek-speak: Nothing is more frustrating than having a technician babble at you using complex terms you didn’t go to school for. Don’t let anyone do this to you! Demand plain English explanations of the work being done on your behalf.

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