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When cutting costs in your IT department it is important to review all avenues of expenditures. If you begin overlooking certain areas of your IT department, you will be unable to accurately determine total expenses and possible savings. Having a holistic approach will ensure that you are able to properly and efficiently determine what best areas to cut back on and which to leave alone.

Reviewing all Operating Costs

When it comes to an IT department, there are two umbrellas of operating costs that one must review to ensure optimal savings. Operating expenditures (OPEX) such as Office 365 subscriptions, and capital expenditures (CAPEX) such as Servers and owned computers. Both areas, OPEX, and CAPEX need to be reviewed and understood if you wish to be able to efficiently cut costs in your IT department.

Furthermore, it is important that you do not focus on one over the other. If you are to ensure that your IT department can maintain functionality without compromising security to your business, combing through both operating expenditures and capital expenditures is necessary.

How Hammett Technologies Assists in Cutting Costs

Hammett Technologies is not just your IT department, but also your business partner. All of our services are operating expenditures, ensuring that you are not holding onto depreciating hardware, losing money in the process. Furthermore, as your business partner, Hammett Technologies will work diligently with you to ensure that you are maximizing your profits while maintaining a secure network. We work with your business and budget to ensure you are receiving the best possible service that your money can buy, without hidden fees. When you choose Hammett Technologies you are not only choosing a top-tier IT department, but you are choosing a business partner who wants to see you and your company succeed.