Keeping You Prepared for Inevitable Disasters That Could Take Your Business Down!

Similar to most companies, you depend on your information technology to get work done, day after day. What would happen to your business if you couldn’t access your important records? What about if you couldn’t use specific applications you usually use every day? Disasters strike unexpectedly,  and if you think disaster only means a major flood or fire, it’s time to rethink that! A disaster can be:

  • Accidental file deletion
  • Unexpected power outage
  • A drink spilling on hardware
  • And much more!

Hammett Technologies offers backup and business continuity planning – keeping you prepared for inevitable disasters that could take your business down. Call (443) – 216 – 9999 or send us an email: info@hammett-tech.com.

When disaster strikes, you need to be prepared; otherwise, your employees’ productivity goes downhill – and with that, you lose profits, miss business opportunities, and experience reputational damage. Our backup and business continuity keep your business functioning, no matter what:

  • Backup all of your important data, applications, user settings, and more – ensuring you’re able to restore everything.
  • Store backups onsite and offsite in a secure cloud data center for added security from disasters that damage onsite equipment.
  • Create a business continuity plan for staff to follow during and after a disaster with step-by-step procedures for simplified recovery of operations.
  • Test and monitor backups to ensure they’re always working – and if a failure occurs, resolve the issue immediately.