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Cyberbullying can occur in any digital space where hurtful or offensive messages or images are shared. It’s crucial for kids to understand that hiding behind anonymity doesn’t justify saying things they wouldn’t say in person, and they should always speak up and report any hurtful interactions.


Just Picture this:

You’re bullied at school, and then the bully continues tormenting you all the way home, even stepping into your house with their hurtful words.
Sadly, that’s the reality many children face today. Cyberbullying doesn’t just stop at school; it’s persistent and follow kids wherever they go, invading their safe spaces and causing ongoing distress.

Communicate, Recognize, & Act

Communication and trust are critical in cyberbullying situations.

Start cyber safety conversations early.

Talk to your kids about Cyberbullying and teach them to:

Recognize signs of cyberbullying:

Help your children to take section:

90% of kids have their phone, tablet or computer in their room. What are your children doing when you aren’t watching?