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Help Desk

The Quick & Reliable Support Your Company Deserves

Have you ever waited hours, or worse, days, for an IT guy to call you back and get around to resolving an issue? If so, you know how frustrating downtime can be; and chances are, you also know how costly downtime can be:

  • Productivity stops.
  • Payroll dollars are wasted.
  • Customer trust goes downhill.
  • Reputational damage occurs.
  • And worse.

Hammett Technologies offers SimpuCare: Help Desk Support – the quick and reliable support your company deserves. Call us at (443) 216-9999 or send us an email at to learn more!

When technology issues arise, you don’t want to spend hours or days waiting by the phone – trying to get a hold of someone who can help. You want someone to fix the problem, as quickly as possible, so you and your staff members can get back to work.

When Technology Issues Arise, You Want SimpuCare: Help Desk Support on Your Side!

Our helpdesk support gives you the quick, reliable support your company deserves – helping you stay productive throughout the workday:

  • IT support professionals who are local and ready to fix any problems or address any questions/concerns.
  • Available 24/7 via phone, email, or our online ticketing system – giving you complete peace of mind knowing you’re never without help.
  • No confusing tech-talk that leaves you frustrated and unsure what’s going on with your technology.
  • Remote support tools wherein we’re able to remotely access your systems and figure out what’s wrong – resolving the problem fast.

Hammett Technologies helps you realize the true value of your information technology. Call us at (443) 216-9999 or send us an email:

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