Do You Need to Archive Messages When You’re Using Cloud-Based Email?

Many business owners believe using cloud-based email means there’s no need to archive messages because that’s already handled, but the truth is, a separate cloud-based email archiving solution gives you the functionality you don’t already have – allowing you to rest assured knowing:

  • You’re in compliance with industry-specific regulations: Email archiving lets you retain inbound, outbound, and internal email communications in a secure archive to ensure you’re prepared for any dispute/audit with:
  • Customizable retention policies
  • Audit-trail functionality
  • You’re protecting intellectual property: Email archiving lets you maintain all of the intellectual property sent via email while ensuring appropriate measures are in place for governing/tracking access to information.

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Why is email archiving a vital tool for businesses of all types and sizes? There are a few reasons:

  • Your emails will be undeletable as all messages are encrypted, stamped with the time, and archived to be protected against alteration.
  • Your emails will be unlosable in the event of an issue with the email service provider, which means you avoid legal liabilities/fines for noncompliance.
  • Your emails will be more searchable as you’re able to sift through information fast – enhancing workflow and eliminating wasted time in the process.
  • Your emails stored in an archive give you insight into who responds to emails quickly, who communicates with those they shouldn’t, and more.

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